My way!

One of the most famous, perhaps over-played, yet poignant songs in the world has to be, “My Way”, by the legendary Frank Sinatra. Whenever it’s played, wherever it’s played, you can guarantee that there will be men (of a certain age), who will grab anything in the vicinity that vaguely resembles a microphone, suddenly adopt a confident swagger, their voices drop several octaves lower than normal – and the crooning begins…

And now, the end is near
And so I face the final curtain

I’ll be observing, at first with an embarrassed smirk on my face – feeling embarrassed for the singer – not for myself. But as the lyrics start (and this happens every time), the smirk changes…and I find myself adopting an expression of thoughtfulness and sadness. The reason why this song endures and touches people even though they may have heard it over a million times – it’s because if we are lucky enough to live a full life, and live to an old age – we want to be able to look back on our existence and think, ‘Yes, I lived the life that I wanted. I did the things I wanted. I accomplished what I wanted. My life was mine and I’m proud of it.’

That’s the dream isn’t it? To live to see a ripe old age. Have your health and all your other faculties functioning properly. Grow old disgracefully. And know – you lived a life that made you happy and you were true to yourself. Looking back at the lyrics of the song – one part that really resonates with me, is this part:

Regrets, I’ve had a few
But then again, too few to mention

That is something that I try really hard to live my life by. I don’t want to live a life of regret. I refuse to look back on sections of my life and think ‘if only…’ Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t a single part of me that wants to anything crazy like bungee jump, or skydive or anything thrilling in the least. My FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) anxieties relate to people. My own father died when I was 11. From that moment on, the remaining members of my family became the most important people to me. As the years have rolled on, my family has expanded and there are more and more people that I love and care about, friends who are like family, and loving family who are there for you at a drop of a hat, whenever you need them. I don’t want to ever look back and regret not being there for the ones that I love.

But the other thing that I never want to regret is passing good thoughts onto those around me. Let me give you an example – someone is wearing something nice – I tell them. Someone is doing a good job at something. I tell them. Somebody has made tasty food. I tell them. Somebody did something kind for me. I tell them.

The thing I believe is that life at times, is so full of negativity – people so often spot what others are doing wrong. You didn’t do this…you didn’t do that….My regret would be not mentioning to someone when they are doing something right. When someone tells you that you have done something well – how does that make you feel? Imagine passing that feeling on to at least 5 people a day? Think about how much good and positivity you would be gifting to our world – that can be a tough place quite often.

Whether I’m right, or whether you think I’m wrong, that isn’t the point of today’s blog. I’m just sharing what I believe – and I hope that when my time comes, I can look back and think – hopefully I managed to do some good in my life, I hope I made others feel encouraged and good about themselves, I hope that I managed to spread some positivity in this tough world of ours.


One thought on “My way!

  1. Thank you for another thoughtful and thought provoking blog! Too many people are denied the privilege of growing old. Live your life, love the life you live, it’s too short not to! Make someone’s day, you may be the only person all day they get a smile or a kind word from. I love this blog Anita, yet again, thank you!

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