Sunday nights…

If there’s one evening that is the worst of all – it’s Sunday evening.  It doesn’t matter how young or old you are.  Sunday evening remains that zone when you feel the blues – school or work tomorrow.  Funnily enough, a few years ago, I worked part time, but only the latter end of the week – Wednesday to Friday.  So my actual ‘Sunday evening’, was Tuesday evening – but it didn’t feel as bad.

Sunday evening is when all those anxieties creep back in – ‘Am I prepared for the week ahead?’ ‘Have I done everything that I need to do?’  If you’re in a particularly bad situation, then it’s ‘How the hell am I going to get through this week?’ And you find yourself wishing away the week, and hoping that the most precious evening of all (unless you’re in retail, of course),  Friday evening, can’t come soon enough.

So – instead of standing on the precipice of the immense dive-board that is Sunday night, and looking down precariously at the deep pool that denotes the week ahead – plan something to look forward to during the week, AND THEN DO IT.

Plan going to an exercise class, or go to the gym – honestly, when you’re feeling like this, exercise is the best form of relief.  For that half hour, 45 minutes, or hour – all you can concentrate on, is you.  Your breathing, your stamina, your physique.  You can’t think about anything else.  There is no negativity. All you can concentrate on is your breathing, pushing yourself to your limits, sweating and earning that treat that you’ve saved for yourself and now feel that you deserve.

Don’t cancel and think that you’re too busy to exercise.  Or it’s too hot.  Or you’re too tired.  You’re body and health – mental as well as physical – is of utmost importance.  For some reason, we all have that devil in us, that inner voice that tells us – don’t worry about exercise, you don’t need to do it; you don’t have the time; you need to relax; you’re way too tired….that’s the very voice that we need to drown out. That’s the voice that we need to stamp out and strangle, to within an inch of its life.

Listen, I’m no saint.  I’m not in peak physical condition by any stretch of the imagination.  The reason why I’m talking about that inner-voice is because I battle with it daily.  But I’ve fallen back in love with exercise again.  Selfishly, I’ve realised that the time I spend exercising, is the time purely dedicated to me.  Where I work on my goals and self-improvement for my life – not for anyone else.  It’s not about meeting targets, or making more profit, or making someone else money – it’s about being stronger and fitter than I was yesterday.  It’s about being tired and sweaty – but feeling satisfied.  It’s about being able to walk further, lift more, stand taller than I could yesterday.  And mentally – I can cope with more.

Even simply writing about this has made my Sunday night blues disappear.  I’m now thinking about the next exercise class that I’m going to go to, the next gym session that I will attend, about being faster, stronger, more determined to do better.

As always, my blogs are just my ramblings, a stream of consciousness that remind of what to do, if nothing else.  But I hope that I’ve made your Sunday night better, given you something else to focus on, and shifted your focus onto positive thoughts of self-development, instead of dread.


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