The year 2017 is coming to an end.  We – I mean people in general – let’s say ‘society’, we’re driven by goals and deadlines in general, aren’t we?

You MUST buy the best presents for friends and family, even if it financially cripples you.

You MUST have the best Christmas dinner and have as much fun as possible.

You MUST partake in the sales that start the very next day after Christmas.

You MUST have the perfect attire and be in the perfect place and have so much fun for New Year’s Eve.

You MUST have some resolutions for the new year.

One of the new year’s resolutions must be about losing weight – whether that involves eating better, exercising more etc, etc, etc!

I want to offer an alternative view.  I don’t want to sound preachy – forgive me if I do, but come on, we know that life isn’t about money, presents, socialising and losing weight.  There is so much more to life…so much more…

Here’s what I think…

  1. Value the people who love you love a bit more.  I don’t necessarily mean your spouse, or your girlfriend or boyfriend  – no. I mean the annoying people that gave birth to you, who tell you what to do constantly, who tell you how to live your life, constantly offering unwanted advice, passing judgement.  Those people who love you unconditionally…..your parents.  Spend a bit of time with them.   They won’t be around forever.  Take their calls more frequently.  Answer their texts.  Go to dinner when they invite you.  Eat the food that they cook for you.  Savour those tastes and smells.  They won’t be around forever.  You see, the problem is – no matter how much they annoy you with their ‘I’m just checking up on you’ calls, texts, messages etc – no one else in the world will care for you in the way that they do.  No one else will tolerate your tantrums and frustrations and outbursts like they will.  No one else will forgive you and give as many chances as they do.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone.  So – spend time with them.  Make time for them.  You will only have regrets if you don’t.

2)  Stop hating yourself.  Yes, strive for self-improvement, there’s nothing wrong with that.  But stop hating your body, hating the way you look, hating things about yourself.  Love yourself.  Spend time doing things that you love, with people that you love.  Focus on that.  Yes – stop yourself from bingeing – you love yourself too much for that; yes – don’t sleep with every Tom, Dick or Harry that gives you a bit of attention – you love yourself wayyyy too much for that; yes – exercise because you love the way you feel afterwards – you love yourself – that’s why the aches and pains are worth it.  But don’t do things out of hatred for who you are and what you look like.  Love yourself.

3)  Detox – by this I mean, get rid of those people who are toxic and create too much drama in your life.  Those people who put pressure on you to dress, act, speak or even think in a way that doesn’t sit well with you.  We have approximately 7.6 billion people on planet Earth right now.  You don’t have to be a people pleaser.  You don’t have to have anyone in your life that you don’t want.  And yes, that might mean that you are lonely for a period of time.  But surely it’s better to be lonely alone – instead of lonely with a group of people who are just bad for you?

4) Finally – dream.  Find one place that you want to go to. One dish that you want to cook.  One experience that you wish you had, but haven’t done yet.  Write that dream down.  Think about how you will make that dream come true.  Make it come true.

Life isn’t about money.  It’s about who you are.  Your experiences.  Who you surround yourself with – and having no regrets.  No one will care that you were a size 8.  No one will care which clique you were a part of.  No one will care how much money you spent on shoes.

What people will remember is – how much you smiled; how they felt when you were around; how much they enjoyed being in your company; what they learnt from you.

And if you have to make a resolution – promise yourself that you will love yourself; and forgive yourself when you do things wrong; and that you will try to make amends to make things right.

Don’t spend money unnecessarily; don’t put yourself under pressure to do things that make you unhappy – be brave and say no!

As always – the universe has got you baby.  Remember that!


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