I’m going to put it out there – don’t you just hate those social media snobs?  Those people that have every type of account there is, but look down upon people that post things.  ‘Oh no, I never post, I don’t want everyone knowing my business, can’t understand people that share everything’ blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!

So – why are you on these accounts and why are you condescending towards the people who do post and obviously brighten up your day with their posts?

Something to think about social media snobs – something to think about!

Anyway, to be honest, my blog today isn’t even about the rant that I’ve just had.  The lyrics of songs sometimes just get stuck in my head – a refrain that once they’re there, they just don’t leave…today’s refrain is from ‘No woman, no cry’….’Good friends we have, good friends we’ve lost, along the waaaaaaay’.

And it got me thinking about my good friends.  Oh yes, now I remember why the social media snobs wind me up so much.  Had it not been for Facebook, I would not be in touch with so many friends from when I was young, or from early teaching days.  It has allowed me to reconnect with so many lovely people that I would simply never have seen again.  I have seen some of my friends grow up, seen them grow into mothers, seen their children grow up in front of my eyes, and though we may be miles apart, we’re still so close.

The thing with friends – when you know them well enough, they become family.  You don’t always agree with them, sometimes you don’t always like them…but then you see them again, and goodness me, that feeling of familiarity and knowing that this person, cares about you, you reminisce about the funny times, the sad times, the ridiculous times, and it doesn’t matter how long it’s been – you pick up from where you left off.

Yesterday I met up with some friends, some of whom I haven’t seen in such a long time – and it was just good for the soul.  People who know you, are comfortable with you, have seen you through the good times and the bad and root for you – and vice versa.

In my blogs, I write a lot about my family, they played such an important part in my life – but a major chapter for me was when I left home and moved to London….

London was tough for me at first.  Really tough.  I think the first year anywhere is not easy.  But I’d never lived away from home before.  It was tough getting used to the pace of life there, and apart from my sister, I didn’t know anyone else.  After the first year though, I started to make friends who would end up changing my life forever.  These people were amazing.  They saw something in me that I couldn’t see for myself.  They became more than friends – they became sisters – and they still are.

Moving back to Coventry and leaving London was a hard choice for me, leaving those friends geographically was extremely tough.  Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.  The love of my life was worth it.  I didn’t lose my friends, I see less of them, we aren’t in contact as much – but when we’re together, it’s as though not even a second has lapsed since we last saw one another.

I guess this post has been a bit ‘rambly’ today – not a real word, I’m not worried about that, this isn’t an English essay and lots of nonsensical words have entered the English language of late.  If anyone asks you what ‘rambly’ means – please tell them, it is an adverb.  Comes from the word ‘ramble’.  Feel free to use it.  Let’s get it added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

So, to summarise….

  1.  Don’t be a social media snob – just don’t be ‘that guy’ who judges people for posting stuff – you don’t post, you don’t post – you don’t hold the moral high ground, you’re no Mother Theresa.
  2. Because of social media – we can now be in touch with ‘Good friends we have, good friends we lost, along the waaaay.’
  3. Good friends change your life and are family.
  4. Rambly isn’t a real word – but it could be!

My final word…be open to all people and make new friends.  Every person you meet adds some value to your life.  Every person has something to add that you didn’t have before.  Give people a chance.  Grow.  Be generous.  Be accepting.  You have nothing to lose and so, so, so much to gain.


2 thoughts on “Rambly

  1. Totally agree with this blog. I have been hassled for posting ‘too much’ on facebook and yours are my sentiments exactly. I thought that’s what it was for. Air your views, feelings and keep in touch with friends who would love to know what ups and downs are going on in your life. I know I love to see how people I don’t get to see very often are getting on xx

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