Praise you

We’ve come a long, long way together, through the hard times and the good.  I want to celebrate you baby, I want to praise you like I should.

I know this is true for many people – we are our own worst critics.  Often, no one needs to be hard on you – as you are the hardest on yourself.

It’s a shame really.  It’s an absolute shame that this is what we do to ourselves.  Criticise – and thereby pull ourselves down.  Stop believing in ourselves.  Instead of moving forwards, moving down.

What we need, are cheerleaders.  People who cheer you along in the hardest times, and motivate you to keep going.  People who have faith in you, know your past glories, how you’ve snatched victory from the jaws of defeat – and sing to the world about how you’ve done it before, and can do it again.

Of course, we don’t have cheerleaders walking around with us – so in the absence of this what should we do? Well, we should be our own cheerleaders.

There are people who I have met, that at the drop of a hat will tell you how wonderful they are, how much they’ve achieved, how everyone should take a leaf out of their book. I’m not advocating for anyone to be as tiresome as this!  I mean that we should take the time – daily – to reflect on our past, our successes, what we’ve overcome, and praise ourselves.  Change our internal dialogue.  Be kind to ourselves.  Daily.

To be honest, I don’t know if this will work – common sense says that it should.  I’m going to try it though.  It is certainly more favourable than the other option – think about what didn’t go well and mull over that for ages.

We’re not taught about positive mental health anywhere.  It is accessible – if you seek it out!!!! But why should we have to seek it out? Mental health well being underpins EVERYTHING that we do in life.  Everything!

Somehow, we all muddle through.

In this life, what we do wrong is pointed out to us from a very young age.  If you’re lucky, then this is also balanced out by parents and family making you see what you do well as well.  Then the ability to see the good that you do, should become innate…but it doesn’t always.

 I once met a very entertaining and hilarious priest – I know this sounds strange, but I knew that if he hadn’t found God, he would have become a brilliant stand up comedian. Anyway, he was ranting about something.  That people don’t practise their faith anymore.  Regardless, of whatever religion you belong to, you should make time to pray. He said that he met young people all the time, and when he asked them if they prayed, they would always say that they didn’t have time.  And then he’d launch into them – aahhhh – you have time for Facebook and Twitter, What’sApping your friends, but you don’t have time to pray?  You can’t take five minutes out of your life to think about your Creator and pray?

He was incredulous.  He was ranting with such animation and passion, that it has stuck with me forever.

If we have time to criticise and mull over what has not gone well…then we owe to ourselves and should bloody well make the time to cheer ourselves on and praise ourselves too.

So, after reading this, do it! Make time.  Daily.  Look at yourself in the mirror.  Remind yourself of something that you have done well.  Something that you are good that.  No, no, no – go that one step further……one thing that you are THE BEST at.  Do it daily.  Daily. Spend less time beating yourself up and more time being kind to yourself.

You matter.  You are brilliant.  Don’t ever forget that.

If you don’t tell yourself that – who will?  And believe it.  Don’t be half arsed about it.  Do it properly.  You are the most important person in this world.  If you aren’t kind to yourself – who will?

And remember – whatever you’re going through – you got this.  You’ve over come worse than this! Stand up, dust yourself off, get back on that horse, get on with it!

You’ve come a long, long way.  Through the hard times and the good.  It’s time to celebrate you baby, it’s time to praise you like you should.



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