Today I have no insightful comments.  I have no words of comfort or peace to offer.  I have anger.  Only anger.  I’ve debated with myself about committing my words to the blog – once articulated – my words are simply out there, permanent – can’t be taken back.

Today, in London, where some of my dearest family and friends live – people belonging to all colours, faiths, live, a place where I spent some of the happiest days of my life – a terror attack occurred in Westminster.

People died.  Innocent people died.  A police officer died. People were injured – critically.

What for?  What the fuck for?  Why?

I’m listening to the news. I’m checking the news apps.  I’m scouring social media – and I can’t find the answer.  Why?

People would have gone to work this morning.  Maybe they would have argued before leaving the house.  Maybe they might have been annoyed and text someone in anger.  Maybe they would have told their children off before leaving the house.  And then – dead.  Dead.  Left the house as normal.  Then dead.

How is this right?  How is this fair?  What cause condones this? Who condones this?  Which twisted minds make this shit up?

My massive problem with the fuckwits who are terrorists, is simply this.  When you bastards go and kill innocent people,  you haven’t made anyone else’s lives better.  You make things worse!  YOU MAKE THINGS WORSE!

People’s religion gets the blame.  People’s skin colour gets the blame.  People’s clothing gets the blame. The ones who are innocent, did nothing wrong, are not involved in any way – are the one who get the blame.

How many kids who will go to school tomorrow are going to be taunted by others as being terrorists?  How many more people’s threshold for tolerance has just been lowered that much more?

To be honest, I’m not even reading back on what I’m writing. It’s just a stream of thoughts pouring out of my head.  I can’t – the sound of my voice, the anger, the frustration – I’m too shrill.  Giving myself a headache.  So I’m writing.  Quietly.  A keyboard warrior.

My words will do no good.  They don’t reach millions of people.  I’m not influential enough to make a difference.  Who the heck cares what I think anyway?  But I want my words out there anyway.  I’m sick of terrorism.  I’m sick of senseless murders and killings.  I’m sick of the destruction in the world.  I’m sick of ISIS.  I’m sick of sex trafficking.  I’m sick of exploitation. I’m sick of racism.  I’m sick of bullying.  I’m sick of shitty people destroying our beautiful world.

I’m sick and I’m angry and I’ve had enough!

So what happens next?  Nothing.  People carry on.  People get up in the morning.  Do what they do.  Live to work.  Earn a wage.  Get home.  Sleep.  Repeat.

If we can do one thing – let’s do this.  Instead of hating on others.  Love your loved ones that little bit more.  Instead of hating on others, hug your loved ones that little bit longer.  Text and call those that you keep meaning to call, and keep putting off.  Disagreements with people?  Let it lie.  Who has time to argue and waste energy like that?  Let’s not spread hate.  We have to stand together.  We have to stamp out the hate. We have to.

The thing I love about London and Londoners – they’re fearless.  I’ll never forget the words of a Londoner, speaking calmly to a terrorist – ‘You ain’t no Muslim, bruv!’  That’s London.  London is where everyone rubs along together.  People get on together.

London will win. Londoners will win.  My thoughts are with you.  Stay strong.


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