Everything will be okay….

It’s a rainy Saturday in November.  Both of my girls are feeling under the weather.  There’s nothing that needs to be done today that cannot be done tomorrow, so after a morning of feeling sorry for themselves and a few tears, we’ve finally settled down on the sofa to watch ‘A Warrior’s Tail’.  Heating is on, the film is quite good, rain pitter pattering outside, our bellies are full, we are warm, nothing much to do and feeling cosy.  Absolute paradise.

It’s taken a few days to feel like this peaceful though.  For those of you who perhaps are reading this years on, Donald Trump got elected president of America this week.  To have even written those words – it still feels completely surreal.  How did we ever get to this point? I don’t know.

What I do know is that there is so much anger and bewilderment in the world right now.  Why are wrong things happening?  The wronguns are victorious at the moment.  I read somewhere last night that the Klu Klux Klan are going to hold a celebratory march because Trump has been elected president.  Now for some this may strike fear into the heart of people – I don’t feel fear – I feel sadness.  Perhaps I’m delirious, but I’m not intimidated by people who hate others, I am curious….

What on Earth happened in your life for you to hate others so much?

My job is to teach children and at the moment I teach very young ones.  If you have problems in your life, and feel sad about what is happening in the world, there is only one job to have – and that is working with children.  I have always felt that children have this miraculous power and energy to heal others.  First of all, when you’re around them, you forget your own problems, because their needs come first.  Secondly, the world is so simple through a child’s eyes.  They know what is right and wrong and accept the consequences.  They want to be friends with everyone.  In every class that I have ever taught, regardless of age and background, there have always been a handful of amazing children who naturally just take care of others and do their best to make my life easier. Yesterday, a little boy in my class felt poorly and then ended up being sick – the others rallied around him, and one boy said to me ‘Shall I go and let the office know?’  He went and conveyed the message and then took the poorly one to the office, making sure that he was ok.

Of course I’m going to sound so over-the-top and dramatic but I almost had tears in my eyes.  I was feeling emotional because a little boy had been sick, then started to cry, and I hated seeing him like that.  But then, my heart just soared with joy with the other children, just doing their best to help me sort everything else out.  My own two daughters are like this too.  All these children instinctively want to help each other and sort things out.

And so my heart is hopeful for the future.  Our children, who will grow up and become adults of the future, if you stay like this, this world is going to be a wonderful place to live. Because there are more of you who are good; who want to help; who want to do the right thing.  You are in the majority.  Stay like this forever.

Normally, I’d end there, but I’ve still got something else to get off my chest…

The build-up to the US election, it felt as though it had been going on forever.  Although I don’t live in the US, somehow I felt emotionally invested.  It had become an epic battle between good and evil; right and wrong…and then the worst possible thing happened.  Trump won.  And the weirdest thing was…the feeling afterwards.  The worst thing has happened – and life is still going on.  Just like normal.  The hamster wheel didn’t stop – it didn’t even slow down for a second.  We’re still on it.  Running like normal.

John Lennon once said,

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

Everything is not okay right now is it?  So it’s not the end.  Have hope.  It’s not the end.


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