First blog post

I’ve decided to keep myself anonymous for now, although my family and friends will know who I am.  Why have I started this blog?  Well I just have so many blooming opinions on a lot of different things.  So far my outlet has been sites such as Facebook, (not always appropriate), so I decided to set up something that is purely dedicated to my observations, ramblings and occasional rants. Hopefully you will enjoy reading this as much I will enjoy writing.


16 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Love it. I look forward to reading more of your ‘ramblings’ since I don’t get to hear them on a daily basis anymore.


    1. Thank you so much Sandra.And a double thank you for following the blog. You’re a star. More ramblings will appear soon xx


  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog, I enjoy a lot of your posts on Facebook too. Ive spoken to you a handful of times and would never have thought you went through this tough experience. Very inspirational. xx


    1. Thank you Nita. Your words mean a lot. Thank you for reading and enjoying what I write. I really appreciate it xx


  3. Loved this first ‘reflections’ keep them coming! Was really touched and empowered too! Well done on a thought provoking piece xx


  4. Anita bhabi just seen your blog wow , well done I can’t wait read more xxx what a great story , you are such a great person so caring and loving I’m so glad you are part my family love you loads bhabi xxx


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